Roasted Vegetables and Sweet Potato Chips

>> Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This weekend I lightly roasted eggplant, asparagus, yellow and red bell peppers, red onion, and zucchini for vegetable additions to my daily bone broths.  I put them into my roaster for an hour at 300 degs.  I'll cook down each portion daily for 20-30 minutes in bone broth. 

Lately (and maybe always) I've noticed a strange reaction to eggplant and sometimes nightshades in general.  When they are too sweet, they cause me to crave more sweetness.  My skin may itch after eating them and I have this weird feeling in my mouth.  I've read that the solanine in nightshades is to blame since it's a toxic poision, but it's also antifungal.  These sypmtoms may be healing reactions so I'm not taking them out for now.  If symptoms persist then I'll reevaluate.

I also made sweet potato chips (fried in goose fat) for the hubby.  These are simple to make, but the carrot chips in goose fat are the best by far.  Sweet potatoes are not SCD/GAPS legal, but since giving up grains, starches, and sugars this week, the hubby seems to be losing too much weight.  I made him these and steamed sweet potato puree loaded with butter to eat daily so he can put some weight back on. 


Mrs. Ed June 28, 2010 at 10:17 AM  

Your photos are beautiful. I have made roasted asparagus for years, but never considered roasting other vegetables. Since giving up gluten (and doing my best to stay away from grains), I have been more daring and wanting to try more veggies. Last year we were at a swanky steak house in Las Vegas and one of the appetizers was roasted veggies. There was about a dozen different veggies and the roasting gave them all a hint of sweetness. They were so good!

Shel June 28, 2010 at 5:48 PM  

Mrs. Ed,
I would say try them! It is amazing what roasting or grilling can do to bring out the flavors. The sweetness it brings out makes me have to limit my portions or I'll end up with a nasty headache or sugar craving. You may want to test for reactions with the nightshades since you have delicate tummys to look after. For me they sometimes cause itchy skin and cravings.

Have fun experimenting!


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