Peach, Banana, and Pumpkin Butters

>> Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Since the success of the Apple-Pear Butter, I've been making lots of different variations, hoping to come up with something just as good. 

The first was peach butter.  I used about 4 bags of frozen peaches that I had in the freezer.  This time I tried the crock pot and had it cooking for about 12 hours.  It never developed the "stickyness" that the hubby liked in the Apple-Pear Butter.  I had to add some honey and cinnamon to this.

With14 bananas in the freezer, banana butter seemed like something to try.  This time I wanted a raw recipe so I looked to Nourishing Traditions and adapted the Apricot Butter recipe.  I dehydrated the bananas and ate about 5 of them after a few hours (it was really good!). 

After about 10 hours drying, I blended the banana roll-up with a little water, whey, and salt and let it sit out for 2 days before moving to the fridge.  It was really good.  Super sweet, though.

The last butter I tried (for now) was pumpkin butter.  I love pumpkin butter!  But this one was specifically for the hubby.  I had about 5 cans of pumpkin puree that I threw into the crock pot (with cinnamon) and cooked for about 16 hours.  I thought that I would have to add honey but he had no problem eating it as is with yogurt.  I had so much pumpkin butter that I decided to try a few recipes out with it.


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